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In de afgelopen 40 jaar is veel neuro-psychologisch onderzoek verricht. Vele Artikelen en Publicaties bevestigen de oorspronkelijke gedachte van Howard Garder dat intelligentie meer is dan de gemeten resultaten van een IQ-test.

  • A forty Year Saga Howard Gardner
  • Max Brain Power Branton Shearer
  • How the Multiple Intelligences Can Bring Out the Best in Learners
  • Instructional Leadership-Brain-REV
  • The theorie of Multiple Intelligences after 40 Years
  • Neural-Regions-Associated-with-MI-Components-and-MIDAS-Scales-and-Subscales

Artikel: Max Brain Power

Branton Shearer is de eigenaar/directeur van MI Research and Consulting, Inc. Hij is een neuropsycholoog en de maker van de Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales (MIDAS; die bekend staat als de ‘gouden standaard’ voor MI-beoordeling, die valide, betrouwbaar en praktisch is.

Recent neuroscience evidence compiled from over 500 studies has affirmed coherent neural architectures for the eight multiple intelligences and that each student has a unique profile of processing power (Shearer & Karanian, 2017). It is good to know that science is supportive of common sense. It is obvious that each student has his or her own constellation of abilities and we should not minimize the importance of these differences. The first task of science is to accurately describe what is real and MI theory is a young science of the mind. What really matters is that practical …. (lees meer)

In deze Artikelen en Publicatie vlog vertelt Branton Shearer hoe Meervoudige Intellgientie het best bij leerkrachten naar boven brengt.

Artikel en Vlog: How the Multiple Intelligences Can Bring Out the Best in Learners

Branton Shearer 10-21-17 Every classroom is its own culture. Students walk in with their brains murmuring unspoken questions: Will I belong here? Will I be successful? Will the teacher value me? As their leader you are charged with creating the class culture so that it is welcoming to all and conducive to high performance. Culture can be defined as shared ideas, values, beliefs, and practices [1]. A sense of belonging is fundamental for individuals to perform at their best. Consider the discomfort of the art student in the calculus class or the engineering student in drama class. Or the star quarterback in speech class who turns bright red when it’s his time to speak. (lees meer)

Artikel: Instructional Leadership-Brain-REV
Publicatie: The theorie of Multiple Intelligences after 40 Years
Publicatie: Neural Regions Associated with MI Components and MIDAS Scales and Subscales